Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Benefits of Sobriety

Drug and alcohol addiction leads to an array of issues affecting the user’s health, career, relationships and finances, among other things. Breaking the addiction cycle and choosing a sober lifestyle offers the potential for numerous benefits and possibilities that would otherwise remain hidden from view. Though this road can certainly be a challenging one to navigate, the positives await at our destination far outweigh any possible negatives.


Alcohol often brings out negative aspects in its users. Removing alcohol from the equation provides you with the opportunity to be self-reliant and free. Sobriety allows us to uncover and reconnect with the real you – the genuine article. With the clarity gained from sobriety, it is much easier to determine who you really are and where you are headed in life. The possibilities are endless.


Any time we use exterior substances to ensure happiness, stress relief or to deal with our troubles, it traps us. Life becomes unimaginable without the crutch, and your day becomes consumed by ensuring you are able to obtain it. Alcohol dependency places limits on what we believe we can accomplish. A sober person is not inhibited by alcohol; They do not sabotage betterment efforts; They are free to live how they choose.


Excessive alcohol use works to damage each and every part of our bodies, leading to health deficiencies and illness. Once alcohol is removed from your life, your body will begin to replenish its supply of minerals and vitamins. Your organs will heal, and in time, your metabolism will kick back into gear.


Sobriety provides us with the opportunity to renew damaged relationships with loved ones. Addicts will commonly take center stage and priority to everything else in life, causing hurt, embarrassment and resentment among those we care for. By removing the alcohol barrier, the healing process can begin to play out.

Need Help?

If a loved one is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, call an intervention specialist to start your path to recovery.

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