Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To Commit An Addict

Alcohol and drug addiction is a dangerous vortex that takes hold of not only the addict, but everyone surrounding them. Loved ones are forced to sit back and watch as the addict’s life spirals to a point where the distinction between reality and abuse becomes blurred beyond distinction. For many people, it can be near impossible for friends and family members to commit a loved one voluntarily. Regardless of how this task is performed, committal rarely lasts more than a 72-hour period – leaving a heap of misunderstandings, frustration and rage in its wake.

1 – Understand that until the addict is actually ready to quit using drugs or alcohol, that you will be unable to help them. When it comes to addiction, the most effective weapon is empathy, compassion and a healthy dose of love.

2 – Educate yourself on the type of drug to which your loved one is addicted. Possessing an understanding of the effects this substance offers may provide you with the tools necessary to break through the addict’s wall.

3 – Research outreach programs that cater to friends and family members of addicted individuals. An array of organizations are available. Once again… By taking the time to educate yourself on the issue, you will stand a better chance of being able to help you loved one through their ordeal.

4 – Communicate your concerns to the addict. Allow them to understand that they are not alone in their suffering, and that help is being made available to them.

5 – Contact a Rehab Specialist today.

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  1. For me, to achieve full recovery. When dealing with an addict, aside from acquiring help from recovery companion services, mutual commitment should be observed. Commitment to help the addict and the addict's commitment to surrender his/her problem and let it be solved.