Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How To Squash Your Loved One’s Meth Addiction

Crystal Meth is an extremely dangerous, addictive and common narcotic throughout the U.S. The drug causes increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate and damage to blood vessels in the brain. A loved one suffering from a crystal meth addiction is never easy to stomach. With enough time, users can become delusional, paranoid and violent. In order to properly address the addiction, a great deal of love, care and organization is required.

1 – Educate yourself on the effects of crystal meth. Seek out information online and at your local library. Find an area support group to communicate your worry with others who have dealt with similar situations. Approaching the issue will not be easy, but by taking the time to arm yourself with knowledge, you will stand a better chance of making an impact.

2 – Sit your loved one down and discuss your concerns in a rational, calm and loving manner. Avoid blame and finger pointing, as these actions will only cause resentment and anger. Ask them if they are open to the idea of professional help to address the addiction.

3 – Seek out a qualified therapist with experience working with addicts. This individual will be able to help you and your family to cope with the behaviors of the addict. Your therapist will also be able to help address any feelings of guilt you may have regarding the addiction. If you are intent on helping your loved one, you must first help yourself.

4 – Plan an intervention. Professional intervention services will be able to guide you through the process, while keeping participants focused and engaged. During the intervention, each participant will be provided an opportunity to express their concern to the addict while encouraging them to seek help.

Seek help today...tomorrow isn't guaranteed. 

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