Sunday, January 27, 2013

“Thank You For The Intervention”

Making a point to thank a friend or family member who helps you overcome a self-destructive behavior is a noble act indeed. Self-destructive behaviors are generally associated with addictive personalities and can quickly ruin an individual’s life if left alone. Common examples include drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, or even internet preoccupation. In a great number of instances, successfully overcoming the addiction requires the intervention of an outside person or group. Once the addict has embarked on the road to recovery, a simple “thank you” may be in order. Here’s how to go about it:

1 – Sit down and write out a thoughtful thank you letter to the individual or group who spearheaded your recovery. Communicate your gratitude and offer up specific details regarding how the intervention helped you.

2 – Conclude your letter with details pertaining to your post-intervention life. Perhaps the best way to express your gratitude is to provide examples of just how your life has turned around since the invention.

3 – Pick up the phone and give them call. A one-on-one conversation will provide the individual responsible for the alcohol invention an opportunity to understand the full extent of your gratitude and sincerity. Another advantage of a phone conversation is the ability to communicate your progress in recovery.

4 – Think of a personalized gift to send the individual. This gift does not have to pertain to the recovery or intervention. It can be as simple as a teddy bear or flowers. The most important aspect of a thank you is the gesture itself.

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