Monday, December 24, 2012

The Healing Process – Love After Addiction

Healing a relationship following addiction is no easy task. Difficulties will vary from couple to couple, alongside developed issues and the residual pain caused by them. Being involved in a relationship affected by addiction can be difficult to bounce back from, especially when maintaining a recovery. In this entry, we will offer tips to help you regain the trust lost.

1 – Communicate with your partner. Though it may seem cliché and redundant advice, it does not change its importance. Communication is key to ANY relationship – addiction or no. Expressing yourself alongside fears and troubles lets your partner know that you are being honest with them. As an addict, you likely know how the small things can snowball into something much bigger… Put a stop to them before they can escalate.

2 – Be honest. Keep in mind that your relationship is still fragile, and that any lie – no matter how “white” – holds the potential for irreparable damage. When attempting to heal a wounded relationship, it’s crucial that you take ownership for your infractions quickly. If your partner feels the need to check up on your whereabouts of behaviors, provide her with the ability to do so. Understand that your partner will likely require more than your word in order to trust you again.

3 – Listen! Providing your partner with an open forum to express their emotions without fear of anger or judgment will go a long way in aiding the repair process. Understand that your actions have had an affect on those who care about you most. Let them vent, scream and cry, while comforting them without argument or excuse. Nit picking can wait. If someone is willing to stand by throughout your recovery, they are owed the same attention and love they provide.

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