Thursday, February 21, 2013

Handling Anger From A Drug Addict – A How-To Guide

In some cases, we are not afforded a clear choice in leaving loved ones who are struggling with anger issues caused by abuse and addiction. In this entry we will offer up a few tips to help you cope with your situation.

1 – Avoid taking anything personally. Place yourself in a mindset that focuses on the present rather than allowing harsh statements or aggressive behavior destroy you. Remember to take a deep breath and remain clam. Screaming or placing blame on yourself will only escalate the drama… and you already likely have a surplus.

2 – Create a list of addresses, phone numbers and other contact information of loved ones and friends to assist you should things get out of hand. You never know when you might need them.

3 – Face the facts. The addict is not angry at something you did. They are angry at themselves. The drugs simply add to the aggression. Avoid fooling yourself into believing that time will heal the situation. It won’t. Your home isn’t going to clean itself up without a good fight… neither will an addict. Don’t let the troubles pile up.

4 – Take steps to address potential codependency issues. Though you may not have the ability to drop everything and build a spiritual practice, you can question, “What am I gaining by continuing to enable this predicament?”

5 – Focus on you! Start off slow and envision a life independent of negativity and addiction. Share your thoughts in a diary. Read a book. Do something for YOU. By engaging in activities of self-worth, you will eventually develop it.

6 – Stage a drug intervention. This will provide you with the ability to fight back against your loved one’s addiction, while offering assistance towards a healthy and happy recovery.

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