Monday, February 18, 2013

Drug Abuse Confrontation Techniques

Watching a loved one struggle with drug addiction is an extremely difficult position to be in. Learning to confront the issue is yet another. Before a discussion can take place, it is important to determine whether the individual in question is aware of the issue at hand. Many addicts have trouble recognizing substance abuse problems; a fact that may ultimately alter the way to address the issue.


1 – Think before you speak. Having an organized plan of action prior to the discussion is key to a positive outcome. Determine which points should be addressed and what wording to use. These confrontations can be emotionally draining as is without having to scrounge about for the right word. Write out your thoughts ahead to time to keep both you and the conversation focused and on track.

2 – Be realistic. Not every confrontation will end on a happy note; there may not be kisses, hugs and thank yous. You may be met will anger, denial, yelling and defiance. Many addicts are simply not ready to face their substance abuse issues. By preparing yourself for the worst, you stand a much better chance of success.

3 – Provide alternatives and solutions. Simply suggesting that someone quit using will do little to change the situation. Have a plan of action ready! Look into local rehab facilities, counselors and support groups to further your cause. If you expect resistance, you may consider organizing a drug intervention to further illustrate the effect their addiction has had on those surrounding them.

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