Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Type of Letter to Write For An Alcohol Intervention

Alcoholism, a dependency to alcohol, is an extreme condition. For family and friends of an alcoholic, being forced to stand by and watch the individual spiral can prove quite frustrating. If you’re seeking change in the life of an alcoholic loved one in addition to yourself, an intervention may be the route for you! In this entry, we will discuss the best techniques and strategies when creating an intervention letter.


During alcohol intervention, family and friends create letters in an effort to avoid chaos and excess emotion during the intervention. Without these letters, anger and frustration can quickly become a main focus; creating additional barriers on path to the main goal of the intervention: getting the alcoholic to seek treatment.


Each intervention letter consists of three parts and should not run longer than 2 pages. The introduction of your letter should communicate how much you care for the individual in question.


Your letter’s body should include reasons why the individual should seek help. Cite recent instances where the alcoholic’s behaviors have hindered the life of both the alcoholic and those surrounding them.


Your conclusion should once again affirm your love for the alcoholic, while requesting they accept help for their affliction. A well-written letter is an essential aspect of any successful intervention.


Prior the intervention, all participants should gather to share their letters with one another. This will help ensure fresh content, while serving as an editing platform to remove feelings of hostility, finger pointing and blame. 

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