Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Is Your Intervention Objective?

A family requested drug intervention is a momentous step forward for friends and family seeking to address a loved one’s addiction. But before you can properly use an intervention, it is important to determine precisely what you are hoping to achieve by it.


Your first and main objective of the intervention should be confronting the individual whom the intervention is for in regard to their substance abuse issues. It is vital that the subject is acutely aware of the spot they have place themselves and loved ones into, and important they be made to understand the extent of their issue. Until a subject admits to their behaviors, the intervention cannot proceed.

Relationship Impact

The second intervention objective should be letting the individual know exactly how their addiction and behaviors have impacted the lives of those surrounding them. Having each participant communicate just how their life has been affected by the subject’s addiction will serve in opening the subject’s eyes to the damage inflicted.


Participants should attempt to heal their relationships with the addict. This objective is extremely important, and is recognized as a crucial step in maintaining support for the individual while communicating that their loved ones will be there for them if indeed they choose to seek help for their issues.


Of course, the real objective of any intervention is a happy outcome. Getting the subject to assume responsibility for their problems and agree to treatment is a win-win situation, and a step towards the healthy, happy life they and the family deserve.

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