Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alcohol Facts & Myths

According to recent studies, 61% of the U.S. population has indulged in at least one alcoholic beverage in the past year. Though beer, wine and liquor are commonly consumed, many individuals do not fully comprehend the impact drinking has on the body and society as a whole. In this entry, we will address some common facts and myths associated with alcohol use to shed further light on its effects. 

Social Drinking

Myth: You are not an alcoholic if you only drink with others.
Fact: Though drinking alone is one of the first signs of a drinking problem, social drinking to excess can also signal an addiction to alcohol.


Myth: I drive much better with a few drinks in me.
Fact: Though alcohol can reduce stress and increase relaxation, the overall impact of a few drinks significantly impairs our ability to think, judge and react.


Myth:  Libido is increased by alcohol intake.
Fact: Alcohol works to widen blood vessels in the penis, promoting blood flow both to and from the area – ultimately resulting in erectile dysfunction.


Myth: Drinking black coffee sobers me up.
Fact: Though coffee’s water content will help your body dilute the alcohol, it does not sober you up. Caffeine’s effects may cause a person to believe they are sober enough to drive in spite of the fact that they are still under the influence.


Myth: Alcohol warms up your body when it’s cold.
Fact: Alcohol actually makes our bodies colder. Though a shot of alcohol can certainly offer a warming sensation, the feeling only results from blood rushing to the skin’s surface, causing heat to escape from the body.

Need Help?

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